kristen cooper

kristen cooper


Masters Research Project: Establishing a Local Identity for the Suburban City of Parkland, FL

Today, the majority of Americans live in the suburbs. Generic architecture, the absence of engaging public spaces, sprawl and disconnect are affecting these places more than ever, increasing the loss of individuality and character. Just as it is important for urban areas, it is also necessary for suburban communities to provide a retreat from their density (or non-density); a relief in the form of a public space: a park, garden, square, or promenade. Public space is an important element which allows residents to identify with their community. An active center where people can gather, engage in activities, and exchange ideas promotes the relationship of people to their place and relationships among people – which is the ultimate goal in a community of isolated residents. This Master’s Research Project is a proposal for an occupiable public landscape within a suburban community in effort to unify residents and provide a greater sense of identity and civic pride.

  • For University of Florida

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